Semi-Flexible Discs

The multi-layered abrasive coating construction and performance characteristics of this abrasive disc produce results similar to those of a conventional bonded cup wheel.


  • Lighter weight of proprietary bonding materials results in reduced operator fatigue.
  • Faster and cooler cutting action. The unique spiral rib grain pattern provides rapid elimination of removed material from disc surface.
  • Grinds and finishes in one operation.

Availability Range

Note: Additional diameters & grit sizes available upon request.

Marvel Semi-Flexible Discs
Diameter Grain Type Available Grit Sizes Max. RPM
16 24 36
4-1/2" - 7/8" Aluminum Oxide 12,000
Silicon Carbide 12,000
7" - 7/8" Aluminum Oxide 8,500
Silicon Carbide 8,500

Safety Recommendations


Aluminum Oxide

Silicon Carbide