Small Diameter Back-Up Holder Pads

Marvel's back-up holder pads are made from precision molded neoprene rubber. The durable construction of these holder pads ensures uniform balance for fatigue free operation. The option of medium or hard flexibility allows you to select the best tool for the job.


Availability Range

Roll-On and Turn-On Fastening Systems
Pad Diameter Roll-On Style Turn-On Style Maximum RPM
Medium Hard Medium Hard
1-1/2"     30,000
2" 30,000
3" 20,000
4"     15,000

Safety Recommendations

Applications Medium

Most commonly used holder pad because of its ability to support the abrasive disc while adapting to irregular surfaces. Use with cloth backed discs.


For flat work when maximum support is necessary and heavy-duty removal is required. Use with fibre backed discs.