Flap Discs

The Flap Disc is a revolutionary hybrid coated abrasive product that combines the stock removal capabilities of a depressed center wheel with the surface finishing characteristics of a resin fibre disc. The result is an abrasive tool that can perform the functions of grinding and finishing simultaneously.

A series of flaps made of abrasive cloth are attached to a semi-rigid fiberglass backing in a fan-like arrangement. As the flaps gradually wear during use, there is a continual supply of "new" grains exposed from the under layers.


Availability Range

Note: Aluminum oxide grain and flat face profile available upon request.

Marvel Flap Discs Conical (Angled) Profile
Diameter Arbor Type Grain Type Available Grit Sizes Max. RPM
36 60 80 120
4" 5/8" Aluminia Zirconia 15,150
4-1/2" 7/8" Plain Aluminia Zirconia 13,300
5/8"-11 Threaded Aluminia Zirconia 13,300
5" 7/8" Plain Aluminia Zirconia 12,150
5/8"-11 Threaded Aluminia Zirconia 12,150
7" 7/8" Plain Aluminia Zirconia 8,600
5/8"-11 Threaded Aluminia Zirconia 8,600

Safety Recommendations


While Flap Discs perform best on stainless steel, their versatility allows them to work effectively on other materials such as carbon steel, aluminum, wood and plastic.

Grit Selection Recommendations

Grit Size Selection Recommendations
36AZ Aggressive grinding and weld removal
60AZ Recommended when medium grinding and finishing are required in one step
80AZ Light grinding with more emphasis on finishing
120AZ Extra fine surface finishing